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Minimum connection required is 2 Mbps internet speed.

To view click on the name of TV stations (wait between 10-60 seconds until the connection is made) If you do not have the necessary plugins you can download below:

Make sure you install Internet Explorer , or Here (version 7 or higher is recommended ), depending on the version of Windows that you have installed

Install Sopcast, or Here (installs all websites closed)

Install Filter Media Player format media player positions (some positions  opens only  if it is  installed)

Make sure you have installed a newer version of Windows Media Player (Minimum is version 10).

C Cleanner install and run it after installing the above software to clean your computer for a good run of  TV stations.

We recommend that after installing all the software above , to restart your computer for  a better setup of  programs !

We recommend that during software installation and viewing TV stations to disable the computer firewall and the antivirus !

Do not try other browsers like Modzila or Opera, TV stations won’t run, especially Sopcast format !

If  when you start some  TV stations the players  won’t appear you have  to right click Run ActiveX Control –  left   – or Run Addonright – on a yellow bar which  will appear on top of the box advertising of the tv station you want  to watch as shown below:



If after you have done all these steps above  it still doesn’t work , there’s a setting you need to do. Go into Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections -> Internet Options -> Privacy tab. Here we make a setting  as shown below:


If you  installed  correctly and you followed  exactly the steps described in this topic to open a TV station on toolbar, it will appear  like  illustrated below (Format Sopcast and Media Player format):



Attention! .

1 – If when  you start a TV channel in Sopcast format the message you get is  “Channel Offilne” – this station  is under construction or it  is dropped at that time! .

2 – If when  you start a TV channel in Sopcast format the message  you get is “Can not access Sopcast Service” – press again the play  button until the tv channel  starts! .

3 – If when you start a TV channel in Sopcast format the message  you get is “No peers too connect” – press again the  play button  until the  tv channel starts buffering !


Due to high traffic on certain servers (TV) you might get one of the messages from points: “2.” or “3.” and if so please press again the play button of  those   TV  stations until it begins  loading  (buffer) !

If you have installed on your computer an BS Player or codec Ace Mega Codecs  we advise you to uninstall them because they are not compatible with players on this site !

Make sure you have the system firewall and antivirus disabled on your computer.

If you use  Bit Defender Antivirus, Avira, Avast be aware that they are  not compatible with Sopcast player and media player and gives errors like:

– 100% loaded  players but no picture and no sound

– 100% loaded players with no image  but instead you have sound

– 100% loaded players with  no picture and no sound but it will appear colored stripes … etc, etc …

In these circumstances if you charge 100% we  would  you suggest to open the station with two overlapping squares clicking on sopcast player left play button! Wait a few seconds and the station will open in external player.

If you experience any of the  problems below:

– The Toolbar is  not  showing on your page

– Internet Explorer crashes after 5-10 minutes since  starting a channel

Then follow these steps:

1. Download Internet Explorer 10 from here

2. Install the software

3. On the first run of the program will see a window as shown below


4. Follow steps 1 and 2 described in the picture



To watch the Tv channels  with Internet Explorer, install Sopcast  from above and select the TV channel you  want.

(wait between 10-60 seconds until the connection is made).